Steel Barn with Specialized Rake Extension

A custom, perfectly square 60’ x60’ clear span barn for Barrios Farms. It features dormers and bi-parting sliding barn doors, and a specialized rake extension (widow’s peak) at each end of the building. The dormers have 1’ overhangs with window openings on the endwalls. The dormer columns sit on support beams within the roof of the barn.

Barrios Farms is home to fourth generation farmers in Yolo County, CA — farming tomatoes, sunflowers, almonds, walnuts, garlic, wheat, and alfalfa. This facility functions as an agricultural equipment storage building.

  • Location: Yolo, CA
  • Size: 3,600 sf
  • Roof System: SS-24 Standing Seam
  • Roof Color: Dark Bronze
  • End Use: Agricultural Storage
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