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As one of the largest steel building suppliers in the western region, CBC specializes in providing  custom solutions for building projects for virtually any application ranging from the most simple to complex. We use the latest design technology and product innovations to complete your building package.

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As the largest steel building supplier in California, our success has come from providing industry leading service and the highest quality steel building products. Custom designed, energy efficient, and sustainable metal buildings.


Increase Insulation to Your Metal Roof with R-Boost

Increase Your Roof’s Thermal Performance with R-Boost

As energy codes continue to become more stringent, providing higher R-values & lower U-factors will be a key component to your building needs. R-Boost offers an economical solution to give you a cost-effective, competitive edge.

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At CBC, we recognize the importance of your purchase, and are committed to providing the optimal custom metal building solution for you. Our team of metal building experts are ready to connect you with the contractor to fit your unique needs.

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