At CBC Steel Buildings, we offer a full line of insulated metal panels  for both roof and wall systems to improve your building’s thermal performance. Our insulated panels  combine cutting-edge energy efficiency with attractive styling to create one of the most sophisticated building products in the industry. They offer a clean,  attractive, and high quality appearance that can immediately add value to your project.


Our insulated metal panels incorporate a finished interior liner, factory-applied air and vapor shield, and insulated foam core finished exterior weathering surface into a single building unit. The composite action resulting from a chemical bond between the poured-in-place foam core and steel skins creates a lightweight, rigid unit with exceptional spanning capacity.

Energy Efficient

With CBC’s insulated metal panels, you get reliable thermal performance and insulation continuity – no cavities, no gaps, no crushed insulation and no cold bridges. No change of R-value occurs when purlin and girt center dimensions are varied. The insulated core is one of the most thermally effective insulants commonly available today. Insulation values can be easily increased by simply increasing the thickness of the panels.

Attractive and Lightweight

One of the most sophisticated building products on the market today, insulated panels offer a clean, consistent and high-quality appearance that immediately adds value to any building. Insulated panels enhance the visual appearance of your buildings, and their remarkable light weight reduces structural requirements and installation costs. Fast & easy installation make them a superior choice over tilt wall.

Ease of Installation

Lightweight and simplified fastening systems deliver quick installation and reduce labor costs. The panels themselves are very affordable, in part because of their lowered shipping costs attributed to their light weight. CBC insulated metal panels can even be installed in adverse weather conditions.