Insulated Metal Panel Colors

Our insulated metal panel coatings are vivid and fade resistant. Benefiting from many years of experience in the metal building industry and using our cool coating technology, they are environmentally friendly and incredibly durable.  To be considered cool, products must have a solar reflectance of at least 25%.  Using insulated wall and roof panels as part of your whole cool-coated metal system can greatly reduce your building’s energy consumption.

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Insulated Metal Panel Colors by CBC

AdobeTexture Coating Colors

The AdobeTexture factory finish coated wall panel offers a low gloss, multi-textured profile and finish system, simulating a troweled stucco appearance. This unique patented process eliminates the need for additional  stucco coatings, and offers superior adhesion and color retention.  AdobeTexture is available in the following colors:

AdobeTexture Colors Available