Insulated Wall Panels

CBC offers a variety of insulated metal wall panels ideally suited for commercial and industrial applications. Our panels are 40″ wide with fasteners concealed within the panel side joints. Their double tongue & groove is self-aligning and weathertight. Our panels arrive on-site in one piece and require one simple step installation – reducing your construction time and costs.


Double Mesa DM40

The perfect insulated panel system for industrial, commercial, and cold storage buildings, the DM40 provides a clean, aesthetically pleasing appearance that is also economical. This panel features a light embossed exterior, and an offset double tongue and groove with hidden fasteners.

Heavy Embossed HE40

The HE40 insulated metal panel is the perfect application for exterior walls on an industrial or commercial project. Its flat exterior is heavily embossed with a masonry stucco-like finish which adds rigidity to the panel. These panels are available in a pre-painted finish or may be field sprayed.

HE40-A AdobeTexture™

HE40-A AdobeTexture insulated wall panels are factory-rolled with a coating that offers a low gloss multi-textured finish. This finish provides a troweled stucco appearance that eliminates the need for additional applied stucco coatings and offers superior adhesion and color retention that resists the effects of impact, abrasion and weather.

Flat Wall FL40

Ideal for exterior horizontal or vertical wall applications, the FL40 offers a flat, smooth high-tech surface. This panel installs quickly and economically, with an offset double tongue & groove joint configuration and hidden fasteners.