Framing Systems

With our variety of structural systems and options, CBC has the right building solution for you.  CBC steel buildings are also easily adaptable to meet your crane and mezzanine design requirements. With our experienced team of design engineers and detailers, you can have confidence that your next CBC building will meet or exceed your design requirements.

Rigid Frame Clear Span

For use where column-free interior floor space is required. This gable roof framing system provides two sloping sides at the ridge, and is also available as a modular frame.  Straight sidewall column designs are also an option.


Modular Rigid Frame

This frame design is perfect where interior columns do not diminish your building function. This solid web rigid frame provides multiple spans on wider buildings and can be either gable of single slope.


Western Rigid Frame

The Western frame is designed for use where a stepped roof is required with a column-free interior floor space. It is Straight sidewall column designs are an option. It is typically used in situations where widths are up to 150′.


Single Slope Clear Span

A single slope framing system provides one-way roof drainage and a column-free interior.  Modular is an option, as well as straight or tapered columns. This is a very economical and flexible design solution.


Single Slope Multi-Span Steel Frame

Single Slope Multi-Span

The single slope multi-span framing system is the perfect choice when one-way drainage is desired and interior columns are acceptable. A very economical and flexible design, it is available with straight or tapered columns.


Curved Frame

For smaller spans that require arched roofs with no peak. Straight sidewall column designs are an option. The curved frame is self-supporting with no interior columns.