Steel Solar Structures

As a custom manufacturer, CBC Steel Buildings is able to design and manufacture steel structural systems to support solar panel installation projects for a variety of applications. Our structures have received DSA (Division of State Architect) Pre-Check Approval, which can provide significant timesaving on your permitting and construction schedule.


CBC specializes in providing Steel Solar Structures that are custom designed to fit your specific needs, and offer fast construction, unsurpassed durability, and fewer maintenance issues. We have designed and manufactured Solar Structures for a multitude of applications including solar farms, carports, canopies, charging stations, ground mounts, roof mounts, and more.


Our Solar Structure projects can range from highly architectural solar canopies to large institutional commercial and utility scale solar installations. We provide a wide range of design-build services to select solar developers and integrators based upon on-site specific and project-specific requirements, providing maximum value with design flexibility and the ability to stay within budget.