Insulated Metal Roof Systems

CBC offers a selection of insulated metal panel roof systems, which provide a high level of thermal R-value to your building. This leads to energy savings as well as LEED® support for your structure. For more detailed information, please download our brochure.

SR2 Standing Seam

The SR2 insulated standing seam roof is a mechanically seamed roof panel, ideal for a field assembled standing seam roof application. Each energy-efficient panel arrives in one piece and requires a simple one-step installation process, reducing construction time and cost.

HR3 & HR5 High Rib

The HR3 High Rib is a three rib insulated metal panel that is an economical solution to field assembled metal roofing. This panel installs quickly and easily by fastening at standing ribs into supporting structural members. HR5, which provides five ribs, was developed for long span and/or severe loading conditions. Fastening is identical for both panels.

RD 5 Roof Deck

The RD5 Roof Deck insulated panel provides the steel deck insulation and substrate for conventional sheet or non-structural standing seam roof coverings in a single composite, as opposed to rigorous and expensive field assembled roof deck systems. The topside can be either primed steel sheet or felt paper, depending on the roof covering requirements.