Going Green is Easier with Metal Buildings from CBC

As part of Nucor, the largest recycling company in North America, CBC Steel Buildings is committed to environmental stewardship as part of our core values.

With steel being the most recycled material on the planet, metal building systems are the poster child for sustainability and “green” building. Nucor typically recycles 22 million tons of scrap annually, including 9 million cars. The typical CBC building is manufactured from more than 70% recycled steel. To top that, at the end of its useful life, 100% of a CBC building can be recycled into a variety of steel products including new cars, appliances, buildings and bridges.

CBC is an ISO 14001:2015 Certified Metal Building Manufacturer

Remaining committed to our environmental and sustainable concepts, CBC has achieved ISO 14001:2015. A demanding process that includes a rigorous auditing process, achieving ISO is a worthwhile investment because it ensures CBC’s commitment to sustainability.

CBC’s Role in Green Buildings

  • Metal buildings are typically 30% lighter than conventional construction, thus requiring less foundation concrete
  • Coated metal roofing panels have a useful life of more than 40 years, which keeps replacement roofing materials out of landfills
  • Metal roofing panels have the ability to channel water off the roof and into a holding basin or into a recycling container for water
  • CBC buildings are custom-engineered, so there is minimal scrap and waste material to be disposed of on the job site
  • CBC’s COOL wall and roof panels reflect the sun’s rays, maximizing the life of the panels and lowering energy costs

LEED Ratings & Metal Buildings

There are three factors that, together, allow a CBC building system to earn maximum LEED points:

  • CBC buildings are manufactured from over 70% recycled steel.
  • The steel in a CBC building is recyclable, in other words, if the building were to be taken down, all of its steel could be made into new steel.
  • CBC offers two standard white paint finish options that exceed the LEED Solar Reflective Index (SRI) requirement of 78. These colors can significantly reduce cooling requirements and costs.

Cool Coating Technology Makes a Difference

Our panels feature vivid, fade-resistant color, incredible durability and environmentally friendly cool technology originally developed for Stealth Aircraft in the U.S. Military. Developed by PPG Industrial Coatings for the Nucor Buildings Group, this is by far the best paint system available in the world today. Nothing works better or lasts longer. The energy-cost savings, architectural appeal, variety of profiles, texture and color, flexibility and long-term durability make CBC COOL panels a popular choice for architects and building owners. These revolutionary coatings help generate lower environmental temperatures reducing smog and the heat island effect. What’s more, they help reduce cooling costs in the hot summer months.


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