SP (Silicone Polyester) Metal Panel Colors

Desired Appearance. Budget Friendly. Staying Cool.

CBC offers many finishes to match your desired appearance and budget for your steel building. Our Cool rated SP panels are a two-coated paint system that can help reduce cooling costs, budget friendly, and maintain excellent color retention.

Our SP panels feature a 25 year finish warranty. Coated with special Cool  resins that reflect the sun’s rays, CBC’s SP panels lower your customers’ energy costs while extending the life of the structure. This makes SP panels a sensible, practical choice for large warehouses, agricultural structures and commercial buildings.

For high visibility projects requiring even greater fade resistance and durability, our PVDF coated panels offer another Cool option. Having more choices gives you more flexibility and more options — and more ways to make your customers happy.

Download our SP Color Chart
Download our SP Color Chart