Steel Mezzanine Systems

Mezzanines by CBC are an economical and innovative option ideally suited for steel buildings. They allow you to make better use of overhead space by adding square footage without the cost of expanding your ground floor. Our mezzanines have a wide array of applications and can address numerous needs you may have for the space within your building.

CBC Building Mezzanine

A Cost-Effective Building Solution That Adds Value to Your Building

Far more affordable than a full-scale building addition, a mezzanine provides a second level of floor space that can be used for virtually anything from storage to office space or breakrooms. CBC steel building mezzanines offer optimal strength and durability, custom-engineered to your specific needs.

Stable, Sustainable Mezzanines

Want a sustainable option for  your building? Our buildings, and our mezzanines are made with recycled steel. This may help qualify your building for LEED® points through the US Green Building Council. CBC uses a unique configuration of components in our mezzanine design, with high strength-to-weight ratios that allow for longer spans, shallow floor depths, rigidity, and enhanced performance.

Steel Building Mezzanine

Economical Mezzanines with a Clear Advantage

Whether you need additional storage, office space, meeting rooms, or break areas, adding square footage to your building is made easy by including a partial or full mezzanine. CBC custom designs your mezzanine to meet the specific needs of your facility, making it the perfect option for adding floor space.