Build Better with Building Information Modeling (BIM)

CBC pairs its proven track-record of quality and service with the future of BIM 3D digital modeling software to more effectively design, detail, manufacture and erect buildings – giving you an edge over your competitors in the market.

BIM 3D technology allows you to build and manage your projects more effectively using three dimensional, real-time, dynamic building modeling software to increase productivity in building design and construction.

Why use BIM 3D Technology?

In our continuous effort to find new and innovative ways to simplify our processes as well as our customers, CBC is able to provide BIM’s 3D modeling to our Builders, general contractors, engineers and architects thus giving us all an edge over the competition in the market. BIM will enable you the ability to see and display an exact image of your building before breaking ground and this copy can be used throughout the building’s lifecycle.

Enhanced Communication

BIM will help provide enhanced communication to avoid any gaps between Builders, owners, architects, engineers, and contractors. Incorporating an Integrated Project Delivery System (IPD) will assist in facilitating collaborative decision-making, avoiding any issues in the early stages of development, before construction, virtually before any money is lost on the job site.

Problem Solving

Avoid and resolve any issues before breaking ground. Design issues are easily addressed and can be modified early in the process, saving you time and money. With the BIM model, you will be able to identify any potential conflicts between architectural, structural, and MEP systems. This can all be done before your building is built!

Improved Productivity

  • Simplified coordination of software & project personnel through IPD systems
  • Significant resource and tool for erectors
  • Produces a working model for use in fabrication
  • Leads to increased productivity
  • Improved communication with project team members, leading to reduced change order costs
  • Quality control enhancement
  • Provides lifecycle management of your building

Free Trimble Connect Software for Interoperability

Utilizing Tekla Structures as a BIM software solution, CBC ensures the interoperability of 3D with 2D systems to verify that all modeling is cohesive. Tekla Structures makes it possible to share model and drawing information with all IFC-compliant architectural modeling programs, creating open collaboration and interoperability and 3D building information models that can be utilized and shared by all buildings and construction disciplines.

Download your Trimble Connect Software Today!

Trimble Connect is a free software application for building information model-based project cooperation. With Trimble Connect, everyone involved with a project is able to view the BIM, at no charge. Enabled for Window-based tablet devices, Trimble Connect is available for downloading at .

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