Precast Tilt-Up Manufacturing Building

This facility serves as the manufacturing, commercial and office space for GUSS with approximately 16,500 sf of manufacturing space. Precast tilt-up walls enclose the single slope fabrication shop, with natural lighting provided by 12 translucent roof panels. The fabrication shop was designed to support two 3-ton top running cranes. The office portion is designed slightly triangular, with a steep roof slope and the exterior walls are clad with metal plate. This design of the office mimics the head of a GUSS and the long, rectangular, adjoining manufacturing area looks like the sprayer body.

GUSS Automation started as an agricultural spray company called Crinklaw Farm Services, which now sprays up to 5,000 acres a day during peak season. CFS developed the industry’s first 3 and 4-row vineyard sprayers, mechanical vineyard pruners, and the Tree-See orchard sprayer. GUSS is the latest in a long line of such innovations. GUSS keeps modern ag businesses moving — row after row, field after field, day or night.

  • Location: Kingsburg, CA
  • Size: 19,180 sf
  • Wall System: Precast Tilt-Up
  • Roof System: MS-24 Standing Seam
  • Roof Color: Dark Bronze
  • End Use: Fabrication Shop
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