Airplane & Automobile Staging Space & Auction Building

Musser Brothers is an auction company featuring professionally conducted auctions and liquidations. This steel building functions as their commercial staging space for automobile and airplane auctions and as an airplane hangar when needed.

This facility was built at the edge of the airport, allowing for the 72’ x 18’ hangar door to open up directly to the runway. Featuring a 90’ x 91’ arched roof with an approximately 93° radius roof line, as well as a 3’ 8” high masonry wainscot to further accent the bi-colored wall panels. The radius rafters and roof were part of the unique features and challenges of the build.

  • Location: Pasco, WA
  • Size: 8,190 sf
  • Wall System: R-Panel
  • End Use: Airplane & Auto Auctions

  • CBC Builder: Teton West of WA, LLC
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