Metal Building Taproom with Modern Finish & Cupolas

Septembers Taproom and Eatery opened its fourth location in Redlands, CA. The taproom utilizes a 40’ x 100’ gable symmetrical building with two 8’ x 22’ cupolas covered in windows to allow plenty of natural light. A little over 3,000 square feet occupy the patio and patio extension that were built using a single slope and lean-to frame.

The cupola building frames were made to support a 5’ tall pole on each frame line for the 60’ long billboard sign. The exterior is sleek and modern with midnight black trim that compliments the regal white wall panels. The main entry is an inset, accented by wood and a below eave canopy.

  • Location: Redlands, CA
  • Size: 7,700 sf
  • Wall System: R-Panel
  • Wall Color: Regal White
  • Roof System: SSII Standing Seam
  • Roof Color: Slate Gray
  • End Use: Tap Room & Eatery

  • CBC Builder: H.E. Hammer Corp.
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