Farm Machinery & Storage Building

The Yeates Family Farm Shop is a 80’ x 125’ x 20’ building with an added wood framed office and pump house that is clad in our Standard R-Panel. This project has a 3’ roof overhang at the perimeter with soffit, including a 23’ x 100’ x 19.83’ lean-to with 3’ extension with an R-panel ceiling liner. One end
has a 30’ x 18’6” door and the other side has a 26’ x18’6” Hi Power door, and two 22’ x14’ custom green sectional doors.

  • Location: Quincy, WA
  • Size: 13,500 sf
  • Wall System: R-Panel
  • Roof System: R-Panel
  • End Use: Agricultural shop building & storage
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