Asymmetrical Building Configuration with Clerestory

Brodt Dairy is an organic milk provider in the northern, coastal side of California. A second CBC project for Brodt Dairy, this free-stall feed livestock barn is built with galvanized steel in an asymmetrical configuration, with an offset gable clerestory. A piggy-back lean-to frame creates the 2’-6” high monitor portion of the barn, which remains open for ventilation.

The rear of the barn is open, with the remaining walls and roof enclosed with CBC’s standard R-Panel. Additional natural lighting is provided by the 25 translucent wall panels that line each side of the building.

  • Location: Ferndale, CA
  • Size: 24,000 sf
  • Wall System: R-Panel
  • Roof System: R-Panel
  • End Use: Free-Feed Livestock Barn
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