Light Gauge Truss System

CBC is able to offer yet another building solution to meet your needs. We are capable of providing you with fully detailed cold-formed steel roof trusses and roof truss systems. Our truss systems can readily integrate all the components necessary to provide high quality CFS (Cold Formed Steel) trusses directly from slit coil to a finished truss ready for installation. This truss system is cost effective and extremely versatile CFS, single-profile roof truss system is ideal for light commercial construction. In fact, truss fabrication is so simple; it can be manufactured on a job site without sacrificing quality and structural performance.


  • Virtually unlimited truss design-extremely versatile
  • Spans up to 40’
  • Lightweight and easy to handle on the job site
  • Truss chords and webs are in one plane
  • Single chord and web profile
  • Fast bolt together construction
  • Provides the aesthetics required by architects, contractors and customers


  • Complicated roofs and roof transitions
  • Porticos
  • Tower Caps
  • Dormers
  • Re-Roofing
  • Mansard
  • Fascia Systems

Material and Finishes

  • Steel shall conform to ASTM A653 Grade SS, ASTM A 1003 Structural Grade or ASTM A1039
  • Steel material minimum yield is 50,000 psi and 70,000 psi for all material thickness
  • Steel shall be galvanized in accordance with ASTM A924 with a G60 standard galvanized coating. For coastal areas and highly corrosive environment, a G90 galvanized coating is available
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