Ecospan® Mezzanine System

The Ecospan® composite floor system provides all steel and open web structural components for mezzanines in metal buildings.  Its economical and innovative design is ideally suited for commercial & industrial design, Ecospan mezzanines incorporate an open web configuration with maximum joist spacing, providing more vertical space and allowing for design and installation flexibility of the HVAC and electrical systems within your building.

Structurally Stable and Sustainable Mezzanine Systems

CBC’s Ecospan mezzanine system uses a unique configuration of components with high strength-to-weight ratios that allow for longer spans, shallow floor depths, greater rigidity, and enhanced performance. Made with 97% recycled steel joists and over 70% recycled steel decking, Ecospan mezzanines offer the benefits of sustainable building materials that qualify for LEED® points through the US Green Building Council.

Mezzanine Installation that is Fast and Simple for Your Steel Building

Ecospan is easily installed using our exclusive, patented screw-down Shearflex®HD Connector, secured with a uniquely designed Shearset Tool included with each system. Each connector is placed in under 10 seconds – no wood, shoring or stripping required. Your mezzanine system can also be designed with no on-site welding. Once the floor system decking is in place, your mezzanine is ready for concrete.

Economical Mezzanines with a Clear Advantage

Lightweight, shallow, composite joists mean greater rigidity, as well as a more economical solution, for your mezzanine. Ecospan’s joists range from 10” to 40” deep, with lengths up to 60’ feet. They are typically spaced at 4’ to 6’ on center, allowing installation flexibility for mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems for your building.

Superior Noise Control

Ecospan has a sound transmission classification rating of 57 in acoustical tests conducted by the renowned Riverbank Acoustic Laboratory. Impact insulation classification tests were also impressive with minimal sound attenuation materials required.